Anxiety: Stop Taking Ownership

Anxiety: Stop Taking Ownership We don’t just experience anxiety; we take ownership of the experience. This might seem like a small enough distinction, but it’s an absolutely crucial one. Essentially, it’s the difference between saying “that’s a car crash” and “I caused that car crash”. You might think this is an exaggeration. It’s not. Anxiety [...]

Guided meditations for dealing with anxiety

Guided meditations for dealing with anxiety In previous blogs I have spoken about the power of focus and concentration, acceptance and curiosity when dealing with anxiety. As a way to help you to continue developing these skills, I have made a list of three guided meditations. I have found them all to be incredibly useful for incorporating [...]

3 Things you can do Right Now if you’re feeling anxious

3 Things you can do Right Now if you're feeling anxious Everyone feels anxious sometimes – some people feel anxious far more regularly and intensely than others. If you can recall a time when you were anxious, you probably recognise the immediacy of the experience; how it swarms around you, affecting you physically, cognitively and [...]

The Power of Curiosity: Anxious Feelings

Becoming curious about anxiety: Anxious Feelings The physical sensations/feelings that arise when we’re anxious can be incredibly unpleasant and can sometimes seem completely overwhelming. These sensations often include: Butterflies in the stomach Tightness in the chest Weakness in the limbs Sweating and an elevated heart-rate Shaking and trembling Nausea When we experience these sensations, we [...]

Working With Anxiety: Focused Concentration

Working With Anxiety: Focused Concentration If you’ve ever come across guided meditations online or in a book, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of them begin by asking you to bring your attention to your breath. This is not just a way of relaxing you… …it’s a practice in focus and concentration. The fact that [...]

Working with Anxiety: What we notice when we’re curious (Part 1)

Breaking the cycle of anxiety: what we notice when we’re curious In the last blog, I looked at the power of curiosity when dealing with the self-judgement, anger and frustration that often arises when we’re anxious. Curiosity is a great start! But now we can begin to dig a little deeper into what we notice, [...]

Working With Anxiety: Acceptance (Part 2)

Breaking The Cycle of Anxiety with Curiosity In the previous post I talked a little about the ‘close friend’ exercise, as a way of responding to our own anxiety in a more useful and compassionate way. One of the great things about this exercise is that we can take a step back from our anxiety, [...]

Working with Anxiety: Acceptance (Part 1)

Breaking the cycle of anxiety: Acceptance (Part 1) Accepting anxiety may seem a little strange to some of you. You may be thinking something like: I hate having these thoughts and feelings – I don’t want to accept them, I want to get rid of them! But ask yourself: how would you respond to a [...]

What Is Anxiety?

What Is Anxiety? Anxiety is an emotion. When we talk about this particular emotion, we are really talking about three things that interact with each other to form a distinct experience. These three things are: thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Thoughts A thought pops into your mind concerning some future event – perhaps a job interview, [...]

Building A Relationship With Our Thoughts – Part 3

Building a relationship with our thoughts – Part 3: Questioning Our Hearts It is estimated that the average human has around 70,000 thoughts per day. We pretty much have an unending dialogue going on in our heads from morning until night (either consciously or subconsciously). So the type of relationship we have with our thoughts [...]