The Power of Curiosity: Anxious Feelings

Becoming curious about anxiety: Anxious Feelings The physical sensations/feelings that arise when we’re anxious can be incredibly unpleasant and can sometimes seem completely overwhelming. These sensations often include: Butterflies in the stomach Tightness in the chest Weakness in the limbs Sweating and an elevated heart-rate Shaking and trembling Nausea When we experience these sensations, we [...]

Building A Relationship With Our Thoughts – Part 2

Building A Relationship With Our Thoughts – Part 2: Disassociation It is estimated that the average human has around 70,000 thoughts per day. We pretty much have an unending dialogue going on in our heads from morning until night (either consciously or subconsciously). So the type of relationship we have with our thoughts is clearly [...]

Questioning Our Beliefs About Anger – Part 3

I can’t just let them get away with it. Anger is a very common emotion with a broad range - from mild irritation to explosive wrath. People convince themselves of all sorts of things when it comes to their anger – most of which, if not all, are demonstrably unuseful and damaging. So over the [...]

Why do I feel anxious and what can I do about it right now? Part 3

Why do I feel anxious and what can I do about it right now? Part 3 Everyone feels anxious sometimes – some people feel anxious far more regularly than others. If you can recall a time when you were anxious, you probably recognise the immediacy of the experience; how it swarms around you, affecting you physically, cognitively [...]

“Why Practice Mindfulness?” and other questions. Part 4: Questions Along the Way

I began practicing mindfulness several years ago, as part of my training as a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist. At the start of each training session, we would all close our eyes and follow a guided meditation. I’ll be honest - in the beginning, I didn’t completely understand the point of it. But eventually, as time [...]